For awhile We’ve been developing aromatic recipes for our skin using byproducts from our restaurants.

Dried flowers and herbs, vegetable charcoal, dried beets, coconut oil, buttermilk from our butter, this list goes on…We’ve made cream cleansers, toners, scrubs, and soaps to name a few. Guess what? We haven’t aged a day.

This is good stuff for everyone.

Our Products

Right now we are set up to send you a variety of items each month. We use oils, extracts, and dried and fresh products from the earth. Our products are cream cleansers, body scrubs, toners, masks, bath bars, face creams, and oils. To name just a few ingredients- dried flowers, herbs, cucumber skins, tomato seeds, dried beets, mushrooms and other aromatic and beautifying ingredients.  You’ll receive a list of each product along with its ingredients and the intended benefits and how they work on your skin. No matter your binary code or race, you’ll love these products.

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